"Your Digital Identity, Your Choice"

13th January 2021

An interactive webinar sponsored by the FS Club and hosted by Z/Yen Group's Executive Chairman Professor Michael Mainelli by Dan Johnson, Vice President of Digital Identity at Mastercard entitled "Your Digital Identity, Your Choice" exploring the value of Digital Identity given the increasing demand for digital services to help protect individuals from identity theft, fraud and oversharing personal data.

"The Impact of the COVID-19 Crisis on Digital Identity"

15th October 2020

In this podcast from Mobey Forum and moderated by the Executive Director, Elina Mattila, some of the core members of Digital ID Expert Group Mikko Hiekkataipale, Senior Product Manager at Nordea; Dan Johnson, Vice President Digital Identity at Mastercard and Arjen Hollander, Business Development Manager Digital Strategy at Thales Group explore the key takeaways of the report; how has the pandemic emphasised the need for digital identity services; how has the usage of the existing services been affected; what are the possible implications of the Covid-19 tracking apps on digital identity services?

"Realising a new normal of healthcare, through digital identity"

27th May 2020

An online panel session, moderated by Goode Intelligence's CEO Alan Goode featuring Manny Nijjar, Sally Eaves and James Monaghan. In the "new normal" era we face, industry leaders across public and private sectors unpack how digital identity can foster the shift of day-to-day healthcare needs to digital channels by bringing together personal health data, empowering doctors to provide "telemedicine" and effectively implementing services such as contact-tracing. Meeting individuals" needs in this digital era requires collaboration from all parties involved. Working together, we can accomplish what is impossible alone: convenient, secure, smart digital interactions that work better for all of us.

"Restoring Trust in a Digital World"

15th May 2019

Introducing the ten principles for identity, Dan Johnson, Vice President of Digital Identity at Mastercard delivers a Keynote presentation at the Webit Festival, Europe 2019 on the topic of Digital Identity.

"The value of identity - Emily's Story"

15th June 2017

This session was moderated by Innovate Identity's Emma Lindley at Identiverse in Chicago. We know what Digital Identity is, how it will delight customers and reduce organisational costs. Why, then, isn't it already part of our lives? In this talk we will explore the challenges to creating a Digital Identity ecosystem and the role that Financial Institutions, particularly those that have a global footprint, should take in designing and implementing an interoperable Digital Identity solution.

"The Business of Identity"

15th June 2017

Moderated by Marc Hochstien (Editor-in-Chief, American Banker) and featuring Christine Robson (Deloitte) and Linh Huynh (SecureKey), this panel examined if - and how - modern digital identity can help financial services organisations provide competitive, efficient and secure products and services to customers in an increasingly challenging operating environment.