Digital strategies for the modern age

Clockhouse Solutions Ltd, a digital strategy consultancy, specialises in developing business development and go-to-market strategies for the delivery of operational digital identity services and trust frameworks. With roots in blue-chip finance, technology and retail organisations, our consultants have delivered multi-year, global strategies addressing business, legal, operational and technical requirements.

For Identity Service Providers

Our consultants will help you grow your identity business by finding new clients and opportunities within existing clients.

For Digital Businesses

Our team will identify opportunities to reduce costs, improve the user-experience and improve data security and compliance by reducing the volume and type of stored data. Our processes and approach enable us to find the right identity service partner to meet your business needs.

Our Approach and Experience

Business Transformation Strategy

Our team have experience in organising workshops to define short-, medium- and long-term strategy, mission and vision statements

Thereafter the team create a roadmap to align processes, people and technology re-engineering work was then aligned with the business strategy and vision

User-Journey Map

Our team have brought together client and external stakeholder to define and map the steps that users take in a process to accomplish a goal

This includes defining personae to represent the target audience and is used to identify process pain-points and new business opportunities

Use-Case Design

Our consultants have many years of experience in analysing and describing how the user will interact with the system to achieve their goals

Use-case design documents are used to provide clarity to development and business teams when building or enhancing the solution

Product Pitch

We have produced many successful and concise product pitches that clearly articulate the problem statement, current processes and proposed new process to illustrate the value proposition, resulting in winning new clients and business

Commercial Proposition

Our team focus on the commercial and value proposition, clearly articulating how the product or solution fills a need and will result in an acceptable return on investment - a key component in winning new business

Product Delivery Roadmap

A well defined strategy is crucial in focussing efforts towards a common goal and in key decision making

Our roadmaps enable the development of the product from its current state into a future state while meeting the short, medium and long-term strategy

New business opportunity

Having gained a full understanding of the business, operational and technical processes, we identity new opportunities to expand on the implementation of digital services beyond those presented in the initial use-case, further improving the return on investment

Programme Delivery

Our consultants have extensive experience in defining and then directing and executing against the programme and project plan - ensuring that programmes and projects deliver on time, within budget while keeping stakeholders informed of progress

At Clockhouse Solutions Ltd, we are incredibly excited about the business and commercial opportunities that digital identity services are enabling, as well as improved security and convenience for end-users.