Digital strategies for the modern age

Clockhouse Solutions Ltd, a digital strategy consultancy, specialises in developing business development and go-to-market strategies for the delivery of operational digital identity services and trust frameworks. With roots in blue-chip finance, technology and retail organisations, our consultants have delivered multi-year, global strategies addressing business, legal, operational and technical requirements.
Our team will identify opportunities, design and implement solutions to increase revenue, reduce operational costs, improve the user-experience and improve data security and compliance by implementing innovative solutions including reducing the volume and type of stored data.

Our Approach and Experience

Increase Revenue

  • Increasing market share by exploring product-market fit for new and under-served demographics
  • Growing the existing customer base through innovative solutions and products

Decrease Operational Costs

  • Identify and improve business processes, implement technical solutions and scale existing operations to reduce costs
  • Addressing costs and losses associated with fraud result in reducing operating and compliance costs while building customer trust

Improve User Experience

  • Undertake qualititative, quantitative and A/B user-testing to analyse, test and improve user journey flows
  • Improved user experience results in increased market share in target demographics

Regulatory and Legislative Compliance

  • Assessment of current and upcoming legislation and regulation to align the product development roadmap with compliance deadlines
  • Review and contribute to relevant legislative and regulatory consultations independently or through trade associations
At Clockhouse Solutions Ltd, we are incredibly excited about the business and commercial opportunities that digital identity services are enabling, as well as improved security and convenience for end-users.